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Interactive Multiplots for Regression Testing of Software Programs
Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Physics Majors
JointViewer: Visual Analysis of Orthopaedics Data
The Chinese Room: Machine Translation Visualization
Stress Tensor Exploration for Turbulent Combustion Calculations
GRACE: Geriatric Research in Ambulatory and Cognitive Excellence
Astroshelf: Panning and Zooming the Observable Universe
Mosbie: Exploring Exploring Cell Pathway Rule-Based Model Development over Time


Howard Aizenstein
Joshua Albrecht
Robert Boudreau
Brian Cherinka
Andrew Conn
Peyman Givi
Rebecca Hachey
Md. Abedul Haque
Rebecca Hwa
William Layton
Matthew Liegey
Timothy Luciani
Sriranjani Mandayam
Liz Marai
Adrian Maries
Sean Myers
Jeffrey Newman
Mehdi Nik
Daniel Oliphant
Patrick Pisciuneri
Victor Powell
Caterina Rosano
Zach Sadler
Matthew Seiler
Shiwangi Singh
Adam Smith
Daniel Walker
John Wenskovitch
Kim Wong
Michael Wood-Vasey
S. Levent Yilmaz








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IEEE LDAV'12 Best-Paper Runner-Up (Honorable Mention)
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