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GRACE: Geriatric Research in Ambulatory and Cognitive Excellence

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Status: Completed

The GRACE program (http://collab.sam.pitt.edu/dev/grace) aims to connect neurological aging with mobility impairment in older adults through medical imaging, mathematical analysis and computational tools. The program goals are to: 1) Implement efficient automated procedures for correlating multiple mobility factors with cognitive measurements, 2) Develop new practical regression algorithms capable of handling very large databases of measurements, 3) Design novel visual paradigms for effective mining and communication of multidimensional and multicomponent correlations between observed ambulatory characteristics and cognitive measurements. GRACE connects in this effort the University of Pittsburgh Departments of Computer Science, Epidemiology, Mathematics and the Center for Simulation and Modeling.


Visual Exploration and Analysis
Biomedical Imaging and Visualization


Howard Aizenstein
Robert Boudreau
William Layton
Sriranjani Mandayam
Liz Marai
Adrian Maries
Caterina Rosano
Kim Wong
S. Levent Yilmaz


University of Pittsburgh Research Council's Multidisciplinary Small Grant Program (Grace)

NSF CAREER IIS-0952720 *old* (Tracking, Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Edu)

NSF CAREER IIS-1541277 *new* (Tracking, Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Edu)


Brain Gait Correlation
Brain/Gait Program - Brodmann Areas
Brain/Gait Program - AAL Atlas
GRACE: Geriatric Research in Ambulatory and Cognitive Excellence (SciVis\'13)
Grace 30 second pitch



GRACE - Visualization Brain/Gait October 2009
GRACE - a Numerical Analysis
Brain Gait Correlation





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