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Image-based Wrist Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking from Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs

Image-based Measurements and Models

Predictive Computational Models for Orthopaedics

The Chinese Room: Machine Translation Visualization

Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Physics Majors

JointViewer: Visual Analysis of Orthopaedics Data

Environmentally-Themed Video Gaming

GL Painter

Stress Tensor Exploration for Turbulent Combustion Calculations

Bioinformatics Visualization: Fixing Protein Sequences

RuleBender: Visual Debuggers for Diagram-Based Biological Models

GRACE: Geriatric Research in Ambulatory and Cognitive Excellence

Interactive Multiplots for Regression Testing of Software Programs

Astroshelf: Panning and Zooming the Observable Universe

Public Speech Training

Mosbie: Exploring Exploring Cell Pathway Rule-Based Model Development over Time