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Interactive Multiplots for Regression Testing of Software Programs

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Status: Completed

Software testing increases confidence in the correctness of an application\'s source code. Altering a test suite\'s execution order enables earlier detection of defects and allows developers to fix errors sooner. The many existing prioritization methods produce different possible test suite orders from which to choose. We propose, implement in a free and open source system, and informally evaluate Interactive Coverage Effectiveness Multiplots, an interactive visualization technique that allows software testers to quickly filter, evaluate and compare the effectiveness of many test suite orders. Preliminary results show that researchers, students, and practitioners in the field of software testing find the system useful.


Visual Exploration and Analysis


Liz Marai
Adam Smith


NSF CAREER IIS-0952720 *old* (Tracking, Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Edu)


Interactive Coverage Effectiveness Multiplots for Evaluating Prioritized Regression Test Suites







A.M. Smith, J.J. Geiger, G.M. Kapfhammer, M. Renieris, G.E. Marai, "Interactive Coverage Effectiveness Multiplots for Evaluating Prioritized Regression Test Suites", IEEE Visualization 2009 Poster Compendium, pp. 0--0, 2009. (pdf) (bibtex: Smith-2009-ICE).