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JointViewer: Visual Analysis of Orthopaedics Data

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Status: Completed

The goal of computational modeling is not only to detect expected events, such as might be predicted by models, but also to help users discover the unexpected - the surprising anomalies, patterns, or relationships that are then examined and assessed to develop new insight. Visualization is a strong tool in this sense, in particular when tightly coupled with modeling, simulation and interactive thinking techniques. We developed JointViewer, a system for the visual exploration and analysis of joint biomechanics. JointViewer integrates modeling with visualization and simulation. It thus provides computational steering and helps guide investigations. The system is routinely used at Brown University in both the visualization research and the bioengineering lab.


Visual Exploration and Analysis


Md. Abedul Haque
Liz Marai
Victor Powell
Zach Sadler
Daniel Walker


NSF IIS-1130458 (CAREER REU 2011)

NSF CAREER IIS-0952720 *old* (Tracking, Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Edu)








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