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Motion Tracking from Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs

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Status: Active

Tracking accurately in-vivo bone motion for orthopaedic research applications requires the acquisition of a sequence of radiation-based medical images such as 2D X-ray images or 3D computed tomography (CT) volumes. The Digitally-Reconstructed Radiograph (DRR) technique is often used to minimize in vivo radiation exposure while tracking bone motion dynamically. We aim to develop a robust and accurate method for recovering bone motion from sequences of radiographic images.


Biomedical Imaging and Visualization


William Anderst
Md. Abedul Haque
Mary Letera
Liz Marai
Scott Tashman


University of Pittsburgh Startup Grant

NSF IIS-1130458 (CAREER REU 2011)

NSF CAREER IIS-0952720 *old* (Tracking, Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Edu)

NSF CAREER IIS-1541277 *new* (Tracking, Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Edu)


Knee Jump



BBSI: Data-driven Modeling of Joints





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