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Reading Lists

Astroshelf By Liz Marai, Daniel Oliphant
Astroshelf - Image Manipulation By Timothy Luciani
Astroshelf -Trend Images By Rebecca Hachey
Bone Tracking and Image Registration By Md. Abedul Haque
Brain Visualization By Adrian Maries
Brain/Gait Reading List By Adrian Maries
Brain/Gait Visualization Reading List By Adrian Maries
Collaborative Spaces for Sharing Visualizations By Dave Krebs
CS2620 Spring'09 readings By Liz Marai, Abedul Haque
CTX Bone Tracking By Yinglin Sun
Diagrammatic Maps for Rule-Based Models By Yao Sun, Adam Smith, Jim Faeder, Liz Marai
Diffusion-Tensor Imaging Tractography By Adrian Maries
Image Processing and Optimization Methods for Image Registration By Md Abedul Haque
Large-Scale Data Visualization Research Survey By Tim Luciani
Medical Image and Biomechanical Data Visualization By Md. Abedul Haque
Multidimensional Data Visualization By Adrian Maries
Online E-health Intervention By Sriranjani Mandayam
Pixel-based Visualizations By Timothy Luciani
PubHealth-2 By Sriranjani Mandayam
Spatial/Nonspatial Visualization (Adrian) By Adrian Maries
Spine Vertebrae Tracking By Md. Abedul Haque
Tutoring Systems for Physics By Michael Lipschultz
Uncertainty in Visualization (Adrian) By Adrian Maries
Visual Data Mining By Adrian Maries
Wrist Modeling By Liz Marai