Rule Based Modeling and Simulation with RuleBender

Modern biological experiments generate large amounts of data describing intracellular dynamics.

Rule-based languages for describing intracellular biochemistry allow for the construction and simulation of detailed models with unprecedented scope and precision. Rule-based Models can be used to suggest new hypotheses and new ideas for future experimentation.

Rule-based models can be difficult to understand and time consuming to debug.

RuleBender is a free tool for constructing, debugging, simulating and analyzing rule-based biological models in the BioNetGen language.

When using RuleBender, please cite:

A.M. Smith, W. Xu, Y. Sun, J.R. Faeder, G.E. Marai, “RuleBender: Integrated Modeling, Simulation and Visualization for Rule-Based Intracellular Biochemistry”, BMC Bioinformatics, 13(Suppl 8):S3: 1-24, Jun 2012.